Rocky Horror Picture Show


Suspenders and stilettos are back in the theaters! With unsurpassed eccentricity and hits such as "The Time Warp", "Sweet Transvestite" and many more, the shrill story about the young, bourgeois couple Brad Majors and Janet Weiss and the diabolical alien Dr. Frank'n'Furter takes its course. You can boo, wave lights and splash water for all you're worth!

RICHARD O'BRIEN'S ROCKY HORROR SHOW still dares to "time warp" back to its roots - to B-movies, burlesque and glam rock - and in doing so gets to the true heart of the piece.

47/57/77/97/117/127 CHF
Ort & Zeit:
Theater 11, Thurgauerstrasse 7, 8050 Zürich
07. Jan., 20:00
08. Jan., 20:00
09. Jan., 20:00
10. Jan., 20:00
11. Jan., 20:00
12. Jan., 20:00
Rocky Horror Picture Show